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Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Enrofloxacin Injection

A synthetic chemotherapeutic agent from the class of quinolone carboxylic acid derivatives with a broad spectrum activity extending to G(+ve) & G(-ve) Bacteria & Mycoplasma


  • R.T.Infections, Urogenital Infections & Enteric Infections.
  • Calf Scours/Coli-Septicaemia, Calf Enteritis.
  • Mycoplasmosis, Pasteurellosis, Salmonellosis.
  • Mixed Bacterial Infections & Wound Infections.
  • Viral Infections with Secondary Bacterial Infections.

Dosage :

1 ml. per 40 kg. Body weight by intramuscular route for 3-5 days.

(In case of Salmonellosis & Severe Infections treatment can be extended upto 7-10 days.)

Superior Mode of Action

  • Rapid penetration of the cell wall.
  • Action directly on Bacterial DNA by inhibition of DNA-Gyrase.
  • Bactericidal in action against growing and non-multiplying Bacteria.

In lactating dairy cows with G(-ve) Mastitis gives higher clinical value & quicker recovery.

Is Superior in calf diarrhoea in terms of microbiological activity and speed of action.

Provides quicker recovery, complete cure rates in respiratory diseases.

Shows outstanding results in superficial and deep pyoderma.

So why to recommend lesser when ENRON is available.

Packing Available:

30 ml., 100 ml.

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